Buy A Star


Let the Stars Align with this Unique Gift Opportunity! 


Wondering what to purchase to give as a gift to that special person? 

Tired of boring gifts or giving the same things over and over again? Why not try the gift of a star? 

Using Star Register, gift giving has never been so simple. 

Choose between three different gift options - Deluxe, Supernova, and Twin. There are also options for Corporate Gifts. Each option has distinct offerings to fit everyone's needs and budget. All three gift kits include a personalized certificate, detailed star map, space photo book, and a star fact sheet. Supernova and Twin gift kits expand upon what the Deluxe gift kit offers. Supernova provides the brightest stars in the universe along with extra content. Using the Twin gift kit two stars can be chosen, making it ideal for couples. Why not pick a star based on the recipient's astrological sign? All of this is possible with Star Register. Pick the brightness of the star, with the three options of normal, bright, and very bright. Even choose stars in constellations! To find the star in the registry, simply use the co-ordinates provided on the Star Chart and use the Official Register of the Stars to locate it. Star coordinates are only used once, no worries about having the same star, making this a truly personalized gift opportunity! Gift packs are sent out within 48 hours or choose to have them sent direct to the giftee. Don't settle for the same, boring gift. Try something different and name a star!

Star Register and give a gift that is out of this world!  


See buy a star for more information. 

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